Welcome to the blog!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by to check out this blog.  I am very excited about it and hope it will serve to be a great resource to you.  As you can see, we are still in the building stages, but hopefully things will be up and running soon.  Stay tuned for more to come in the next few weeks!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the blog!”

  1. This Blog, sounds really good & I look forward to seeing what more exciting information She has to share with us ? I’am excited good luck! >;)

  2. Hi!! My name is Bev. I am a visually impaired mother who has experienced first hand, some of the “school” problems that you had mentioned in the beginning – For myself and for my son -whom is autistic. I have become frustrated with the schools’ idea of educating my son by giving alternatives and other things to do – that are different from what the other children in the classroom are doing. My son loves to learn, yet, he is seen as “slow” and incapable. He learns differently, but, that does not make him different in the way they would like to perceive him as being. I am one of those 24/7 advocates for my son. I have high expectations for him, and the teachers whom teach him. I also have high expectations for myself, and for the teachers who teach me. I dont think its so wrong to expect more from a child when you know as their parent that they can succeed – if given the opportunities, and the appropriate equipment/methods. In your blog, you hit some issues right on the nose. At this time, i am my only advocate for improving the equipment, and methods of strengthening on my own ” Playground” or so to speak. I am currently attending a university that seems to have been operating under ice age principles. I believe they are hoping, that i will just go away, but, what would the fun be – in not continuously making myself known, respected or in a position to be taken seriously? Times and things are always changing, and we all need to make adjustments and adapt. You have all of my cheers for what you are trying to do!!! I would just like to wish you luck and lots of blessings for trying to take your educating to newer and higher levels!!!

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