Featured in Parents Magazine: What Blind Parents Want Us to See


Hartle Family July 2018A few months ago, I received an email through this blog from someone claiming to be the deputy editor of Parents magazine, a popular mainstream publication.  She said the magazine was interested in doing a story on how blind people parent and wanted to know if I would be open to an interview.  .  At first, I brushed it off as a hoax, but my curiosity got the better of me and so I did a little quick search and learned that this woman in fact was legitimate.  A few weeks later, she interviewed me over the phone and via email.  The article was just released in the June edition of Parents magazine.

This was a really unique and exciting opportunity.  While the article is pretty general and only scratches the surface of blind parenting, it is great to have such an opportunity to help educate the general public about our challenges and abilities as blind parents.  Hope you enjoy checking it out!

One last little funny tid-bit… the magazine asked us to submit a couple of different high resolution photos for the photo department to choose from. This was a little tricky as we didn’t have too many recent pics taken with anything other than a phone camera.  The one which was selected of ours happens to have been taken last summer when we were visiting my family in Utah.  We’d had a family reunion and taken a family picture with my parents and my siblings , but Jesse wasn’t there, so my cousin who is an ameture photographer met us outside of a local bookstore on a whim to take a quick photo so we could photo shop Jesse’s head into the family pic.  Surprisingly, the one they chose for us ended up being so cute, that I thought it would be a fun one to send, not to mention it was taken with a professional camera.  We’d just walked from my parent’s house to there too (a little over a mile )in the July desert heat too, so we weren’t exactly “Fresh”.  Right after she took it, Brayden (1 1/2) promptly threw up!



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